3 Benefits of Cayenne Pepper That You May Not Know

3 benefits of cayenne pepper that you may not know

Among the many benefits of cayenne pepper, it is most known for helping people to relieve pain, clear mucus congestion and even to lose weight. In fact, this spicy pepper has many other nutritional benefits other than just adding heat and flavor to your meal.

The cayenne pepper is also known as capsicum pepper and is a member of the chilli pepper family. It can grow up to 1 foot in length and manufacturers normally grind their pods and seeds before packaging to sell. Cayenne pepper is also good for keeping the heart healthy with its powerful phytochemical known as the capsaicin.

The 3 Main Cayenne Pepper Benefits

1) For Weight Loss

Yes, this is good news for people who are conscious about their own weight. Absurd as this may sound; cayenne pepper is actually effective in helping people to lose weight. Eating cayenne peppers can help to reduce your appetite as well as to stimulate the feeling of being full. Interestingly, a study by an American university has revealed cayenne pepper can help to boost metabolism by several hours. With this, simply by adding half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper into your cooking will help to boost your metabolism by 10 calories. On top of this, if you generally do not take spicy food, then you can burn up to 60 calories in the next food you take.

2) For Relieving Pain

One of the most important benefits of cayenne pepper is the fact that it contains capsaicin. This chemical helps to reduce the amount of substance P in the body which then lead to the reduction of pain signal to the brain. Capsaicin are typically extracted and incorporated into pain-relieving creams for such purposes.

Capsaicin has been commonly used to relieve pain from conditions such as:

  • Lower back pain
  • Mastectomy
  • Shingles
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

Application of capsaicin cream will usually lead to tingling sensation on the skin which is perfectly normal.

3) For Clearing Mucus Congestion

Other than helping to relieve pain as described above, the heat from capsaicin also helps to stimulate secretions that will clear mucus from your congested lungs or nose. This property is very similar to the compound found in many cold medicines for breaking up the congestion. The only difference is that capsaicin tends to take effect much faster.

The next time when you have congestion from flu or a cold, try drinking a tea made with hot cayenne pepper. You will be pleasantly surprised on how fast it helps to relieve your stuffiness and congestion.

With all these benefits of cayenne pepper, you really start to stock up more of these during your next grocery trip. Other than the benefits described above, the pepper also has many other health advantages and is a food that should not be taken lightly.

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