My 2018 Review on Idol Lash – Does it Work?

personal review of idol lash does it work

Have you always wanted to have thicker eyelashes? When you see photos of celebs, do you wish you could get the same look? If you’re like me, you can easily answer yes to both questions. I was tired of using fake eyelashes and didn’t want to spend the money on expensive eyelash extensions. There had to be another solution. That is when I discovered Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer.

A clinical trial provides proof of the effectiveness of this product. During a trial performed to test the effectiveness of this formula, 15 test subjects, between the ages of 24 and 82-years old, were given a supply of Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer. They were instructed to apply the product every night for two weeks.  After the two weeks were over, the researchers measured the eyelash density and length of the subjects. The top results included an 82% increase in density and a 25% increase in length.

idol lash eyelash enhancerAfter checking out the details, I thought this sounded too good to be true. I decided to give Idol Lash a try. On Tuesday, I used my credit card to purchase the product from the official website. I waited patiently for a few days for it to be delivered at my doorstep. Upon opening the package, it comes in a 5ml tube with an applicator brush inside. One very important thing that I do when researching a product is to find out if the product is easy to use. For me, if a product that is too difficult or troublesome to apply, the hassle will stop me from using it after awhile. Thankfully, Idol Lash is really easy to use.

What is Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer?

As the name suggests, Idol Lash can enhance the appearance of your eyelashes. This is made possible thanks to the all-natural, active ingredients packed in Idol Lash. These carefully selected ingredients promote healthy, thicker, longer lashes so that you can finally get that mesmerizing look that you’ve always wanted.

The makers of Idol Lash wanted to create a treatment that really works, safe and easy for everyone to use. There are plenty of real customer testimonials describing the amazing results they are getting.

What are the Active Ingredients?

I believe it’s a good idea to pay attention to what you are putting on or in your body. This even includes simple products such as Idol Lash. Examining the ingredients, I found that it contains a variety of natural extracts. These extracts contain vitamins and minerals that are known to help promote fuller hair, including thicker, longer lashes. Here is a closer look at the active ingredients:

il all natural ingredients

Nettle extract is included in order to help strengthen lashes and increase hair growth. Nettle extract has actually been used in products for treating female baldness and is known to have positive effects. It can stimulate the growth of lashes while also strengthening them.

Apparently, one of the difficulties with growing longer lashes is keeping them properly hydrated. The honey extract effectively solves this problem by keeping the lashes hydrated. This gives them a youthful glow and protects them against weather and drying out.

The kelp extract includes a large selection of useful nutrients, such as vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, and E. It also contains iodine, calcium, and Laminaria Angustata – all of which can help thicken hair and give the eyelashes a fuller, denser look.

These are all natural ingredients. The various moisturizing agents, vitamins, proteins, and peptides found in Idol Lash all work to improve the appearance of your eyelashes. They work from the inside out – promoting healthier roots, hair follicles, and eyelashes.

TIP: How to use Idol Lash eyelash serum correctly:

how to use idol lash correctlyIf I wear any makeup, mascara or eyeliner, I would ensure to remove them, wash and dry my face before sitting in front of my dressing table with the eyelash serum.

Following closely the application instructions that came with it, every night just before bed I simply apply one thin stroke of Idol Lash on the base of both my upper and lower eyelids where the lashes grow. Then I turn in to let my follicles absorb the ingredients.

What are the Advantages of Using Idol Lash?

I found quite a few advantages to using Idol Lash. These were mostly related to the application and the results. Here are a few of the main benefits of this product:

  • Easy to apply – This is very important to me!
  • Clinically proven results
  • Works on eyebrows too
  • Tested to be safe, no side effects

One of the greatest advantages of Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer is that it is easy to apply. At the end of the night, all I had to do is remove any makeup, mascara, or eyeliner. Then, I applied the product along the bases of my lashes. That is all it takes. While I’m asleep, the active ingredients are absorbed by the lashes and follicles.

Another benefit is that you’ll get real results. The makers of Idol Lash claim that this product can increase the density of eyelashes by 82% and make them 25% longer within 4 weeks. I noticed results within a few weeks. But, obviously, results will vary.

Along with helping achieve thicker, longer eyelashes, I found that it also works on eyebrows. You can use the same product to help you grow thicker hair along your eyebrows. By supplying hair follicles with beneficial nutrients, Idol Lash will promote the natural growth of thicker hair.

Does Idol Lash Really Work?

After using it for two short weeks, I did notice that my lashes looked fuller and longer (did I mention sexier?). Although it was not a dramatic difference, it was significant given the fact that I didn’t need to add extensions or false lashes. If I continue using it, I’m sure the results will be even better!

before after eyelash

Of course, there are a few setbacks for this product. I have to be really patient to wait a few weeks for results. This is expected, as I am stimulating my real eyelashes to grow naturally. I need to give the serum some time to take effect while applying it every night consistently. Although there was a mild irritation when I got the conditioner too close to my eyes, I find this conditioner to be comfortable enough for my usage. Idol Lash is definitely better than any other similar products that I’ve previously tried before.

After reading my personal review, you’ll be asking me if it’s the right product for you. As everyone has different eyelashes and follicles health, you may or may not get the same result as me. Heck, you may even get a better result than me. But even a little improvement is a sign that Idol Lash really works. I would definitely continue using this product, as I know I’m growing Real Eyelashes here!

Not Convinced? You don’t have to be! Give yourself a chance to try this product and your eyelashes a chance to grow longer, naturally. The price tag is relatively cheap for a product that actually works. Also, the vendor is so confident of their product that they are giving a 90-day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose. Additionally, there is a bundle discount offer for new customers. If you want real results on getting long and sexy eyelashes, there is absolutely no reason to miss this. Go get it now!

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