4 Healthy Weight Loss Tips at Your Fingertips

4 healthy weight loss tips at your fingertips

If you are searching for healthy weight loss tips that you can start at home, then this article will definitely come in handy. In fact, if you are currently on a weight control or weight loss program, you will realize that calories counting, record keeping and expensive pre-made foods part of your everyday life. These can waste up plenty of time and money if there are no results by the end of the program.

So, before you take the plunge again next time for another expensive weight control programs, why not try some weight losing tips that are mainly focused around human psychology? This can be as easy as just changing your existing diet and behaviour. For a start, it may take much patience to begin seeing results, but you will eventually realize that it is well worth your efforts. The following simple healthy weight loss tips will help you to get started.

1. Redecorating Your Kitchen

You can begin with this step by simply repainting your kitchen walls to other colors. Studies have shown that colors can affect people in terms of behaviours and emotions. This logic is quite similar to the Chinese Feng Shui whereby colors play an important role in helping to enhance one’s fortune.

In the case of weight loss help, avoid yellow and red colored walls or furniture in the kitchen. These are the colors that seem to encourage eating. Instead, colors such as blue or green will tend to discourage you from running to the kitchen for food.

2. Stop Snacking In Front of a TV

Many people are guilty of this bad habit. Nowadays, it is very common for people to eat while watching TV. While munching on chips and popcorns can be very enjoyable when watching your favourite TV shows or movies, these fattening snacks are usually the main deterrents losing weight.

Most of the time, this habit can get so common that people do not realize it themselves. Start saying no-no to sweet and fattening foods the next time you are watching the TV. It will be helpful if you have a partner who can remind you about this habit. Try to find someone with the same habit so that you can remind each other. You may also discourage yourself from snacking by associating it with something negative. For example, if you like to snack on potato chips, try placing them inside a really old and ugly cabinet. This negative outlook may somehow put you off when you are trying to reach for a bag of chips. You can also try to stick a reminder note or photos of really fat people on the cabinet doors to serve as deterrents.

3. Control Your Snacking Temptation

All healthy weight loss tips will fail to work if you are the one who will easily succumb to the temptations. When you are doing your groceries next time, try to resist buying fattening snacks that can tempt you at home. If you do not bring them home in the first place, then there will be nothing to tempt you at all. In fact, when start to crave for snacks the next time, the thought of having to run to the stores to get them will probably put you off already.

4. Place Snacks Together With Healthy Foods

In the unexpected circumstance that you have to bring back some fattening snacks, then try placing them alongside with healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits. Arrange the healthy foods in a more attractive manner so that you will notice them first when you open the fridge looking for snacks.

You can also place these snacks in awkward locations such as hard-to-reach cabinets or drawers. For example, placing your bags of chips in topmost cabinet of your kitchen shelves can also create a negative psychological effect the next time you feel like snacking. Imagine having to climb on a chair or stool just to reach out for the chips. The extra hassle may remind you that you really should just stick to your healthy weight control.

The above healthy weight loss tips are just some psychological methods that only involve modifications to your behaviour. Instead of going for expensive programs and diets with little or no results, why not try a different approach altogether? Who knows it might just work out for you this time with a more permanent solution.

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