Fasting for Weight Loss Can Help to Achieve Optimal Health

fasting for weight loss can help to achieve optimal health

Rather than constantly eating slimming pills that don’t work, intermittent fasting for weight loss is now a more popular and cost effective solution. Under a daily intermittent fasting program, you will be increasing the amount of time spent on fasting and decreasing the window for eating at the same time.

When followed dutifully and properly, fasting for weight loss can help to increase the body’s energy and also lead to better overall health. Read on to find out why fasting weight loss programs can help you to achieve your goals much faster.

So What Is Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss?

Simply put, it means that one should alternate between different timings for eating and not eating. In fact, we are already doing this naturally; we don’t eat while we are sleeping and eat while we are awake.

Daily intermittent fasting simply makes use of this natural pattern and makes it more purposeful. This is done by stretching the fasting period and shortening the period for eating.

In a typical intermittent fasting schedule, there will be a 16-hour window for fasting, followed by an 8-hour window for eating. Fasting will usually start 1 hour or so before bedtime. Some people may wish to take this even further by going for even longer hours of fasting. For example, this can be an 18-hour window for fasting and 6-hour window for eating.

How Is It Effective?

Research has shown that fasting for weight loss can also help to balance the blood sugar levels, improve metabolism rate as well as increase the lean muscle mass. However, do note that this intermittent fasting is not all about reducing the amount of calories by eating lesser and so on. In fact, the main goal here is to eat an appropriate amount of calories within the compressed and shorter time for eating.

Another research on animals has also revealed signs of greater longevity with intermittent fasting. In this research, animals that eat their foods in shorter time windows generally live longer. This is true even when the overall amount of calories is the same.

Is Fasting For Weight Loss Suitable For You?

Although animal studies on longevity have shown an increase in lifespan, this effect is actually more significant on the males. The same research on human uses more men as subjects and there are fewer researches with women as the subjects.

In fact, there are some evidences that intermittent fasting for weight loss might have a negative effect on women’s health and can lead to imbalance of hormones. This risk increases with prolonged fasting periods and very short windows for eating. As such, women generally do not benefit from intermittent fasting the same way as men do.

However, women should not despair yet. Women can still gain the benefits of this type of fasting without any potential disadvantages by following some simple tips. To do this, women can start the day by consuming a high-fat beverage in the morning. As an example, you can drink tea or coffee with several tablespoons of fats such as full-fat cream or coconut oil, etc. The calories from the fat will help to keep women’s metabolism running properly and at the time to keep the hormone levels balanced. These calories will also be burned as energy rather than stored as fats because they are simply pure fats.

Women who follow the above tip can enjoy the same benefits of fasting for weight loss as men. This includes reduced food cravings, faster metabolism rate, increased energy levels as well as a more stabilized weight.

When followed properly, daily intermittent fasting for weight loss can be beneficial to both sexes. This eventually allows us to gain optimal health and wellness.

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