How to Lose Weight Naturally – Myths and Facts

how to lose weight naturally myths and facts

There are tons and tons of information in the internet on weight loss. At the same time, the media constantly give us advise on eating and exercise and it can be confusing. You begin to feel like you would have to be a scientist to really know what to do about healthy food and exercise. In order to lose weight effectively, firstly you have to educate yourself on how the body works.

Determining Obesity from your Body Fats

The degree of obesity is measured by the percentage of body fat. The BMI (Body Mass Index) tells us where your fat is deposited. You can be at your goal weight and still be in the red zone as far the BMI registers an unhealthy level of fitness. First, you should take the Electrolipograph test to determine the exact percentage of visceral, versus lean body fat. Negative effects from fat pressing on vital organs, when at, or even close to goal weight can lead to hear, blood vessel and coronary artery diseases, as well as other illnesses. So what is the prescription to become healthier? Physical Activity three or four times a week for 30 to 40 minutes, something you can live with. A person can walk, swim, ride a bike or have something in your home such as a workout tape. A program with the four food groups of fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains. Sixty-four ounces of H20 (water). Remember this rule: Calories alone don’t count, but Nutrients do.

Weight Loss Diet – Myths and Facts

Do you feel as though you are constantly on a diet? That you keep losing and gaining the same ten pounds? That no matter what you do, you will never become slim? If so, you may be a victim of what has been termed the “Yo-Yo” Syndrome. People have been dieting for years, seeking every solutions imaginable to magically burn off extra pounds. Each year, billions of dollars are spend on diet pills, foods, books, magazines, and exercise equipment. Unfortunately, a few of these so called solutions work on a permanent basis.

What is the secret for successful weight loss? The real solution is education for weight control. You can gain this control by becoming nutritionally aware of what and how you eat. Stop counting calories! Instead, ensure your body receives adequate nutrients. Follow a diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetable, lean meats, whole grains and polyunsaturated fats.

What is the right way to diet?

right way to dietYou will need a change of Lifestyle emphasizing good eating habits and educational support system. Traditional diets of liquid shakes, shots, and drugs, boxed meals, and unbalanced nutrition are actually counter-productive and can cause serious health risks.  These “diets” focus on weight loss rather than excess body fat.  In these fad diets, 95% of the participants will quickly regain the weight they fought so hard to lose.

Overeating and being overweight can be treated and controlled.  Learning to eat nutritious foods that promote good health, participating in regular non-strenuous exercise and learning behavior patterns emphasizing lifetime changes make it possible to maintain your ideal weight.

Engaging a Nutritionist for Weight Management

In order to relax and enjoy food and exercise we recommend a trusted nutritionist. When you make investments you consult an expert in that field. When you need your car repaired you seek an expert. Therefore when it comes to food and exercise why not consult an nutritionist who has nothing to sell but the advice you ask for.

A trained nutritionist who works for you not a food company or a drug company. One who has the time to think about you and your way of life.  One who will help you make a successful plan to reach a healthy goal weight and maintain it. Good nutrition is the first step to good health. A Physician “Heals the sick”, while a Nutritionist “Prevents sickness”.

Weight management is not only for the “overweight” but is important to many people. If you are one who is concerned about your weight or eating habits shed the stress by consulting a nutritionist for advice.

Losing Fat and Losing Weight are Not the Same

To lose excess body fat, you must focus on meeting your body’s nutritional needs. You eat real food, including three or more meals per day.  Your food comes from grocery stores, restaurants, or cafeterias where you work. According to the doctors and other health professionals, losing excess body fat and maintaining your ideal weight is the best way to prevent disease and ensure optimal health.

deceived by your bathroom scalesDon’t Be Deceived by Your Bathroom Scales

Scales measure your weight, but they can’t tell you if your weight is a result of:

  • Body Frame size
  • Muscle mass
  • Excess water retention
  • Excess body fat

Start Taking Action

If you suffer with the problem of being overweight and overeating, now is the time to learn good eating habits and learn to control the emotional responses to eating.  Once learned, these good habits need to be practiced daily to promote a permanent Lifestyle Change which will result in good health, and a happier, longer, more rewarding life.

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